Dissipating Dyes
are revolutionizing
the painting industry

Goes on Pink and Turns White

Minneapolis, MN. Quality Paint Products, Inc., a researcher, developer, and manufacturer of paint additives is revolutionizing the painting industry through patented pH indicator technology. Quality Paint Products, Inc. is pleased to announce a recent license agreement with the original inventors of temporary visual pH indicators in sunscreen.

Under U.S. Patent Nos. 5, 97,891 and 5,837,645, Quality Paint Products, Inc. has obtained exclusive rights to develop and market temporary visual pH indicators for paints, sealers, varnishes, lacquers and other various coatings. The pH indicators dyes dissipate within 30 minutes once applied and are available in pink and blue colors. The product will be marketed under the trademark name “Color Guide”.

The pH technology compliments their existing dissipating dyes, which have gained wide acceptance in the marketplace over the last few years. Ace Hardware Corporation was one of the first paint manufacturers to introduce the dye concept in a ceiling paint called “Simply Magic”. This paint changes from blue to white within 24 hours and uses a special oxidizing agent in the paint for that to happen.

According to Pat Simon, Vice President of Marketing at Quality Paint Products, Inc., we see temporary visual indicators as being the most revolutionary change in the industry since the introduction of latex paint. “Imagine the ease, speed, and savings from never missing spots, over spraying, or over using valuable product”, said Pat. For more information you may visit our web site at or e-mail

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