Induron Coatings
Rolls Out
“Color Guide”

Dissipating purple colorant makes applying clear coats fast, easy, and extremely cost effective.

Minneapolis, Mn. Quality Paint Products, Inc., a researcher, developer, and manufacturer continues to revolutionize the painting industry through patented technology. Quality Paint Products, Inc. is pleased to announce a recent license agreement with Induron Coatings of Birmingham, AL to market fugitive colorants in clear topcoat products.

Induron Coatings, a provider of high-performance coatings for fresh and wastewater businesses has introduced “Color Guide” a fugitive colorant, designed to facilitate uniform application of clear protective finishes to water storage tanks and vessels. Added in the field to Induron’s clear topcoats, Color Guide is a translucent-colorant, which tints the clearcoat purple enabling the applicator to clearly see work in progress and to prevent skipping any areas. The translucent colorant not only enables the contractor to see any omissions of the clear topcoat, it aids in application of correct film thickness and makes apparent any runs or sags. Within four to 72 hours exposure to direct and indirect sunlight, the purple tint disappears, allowing the substrate to retain its original colors while leaving a clear protective coating.

According to Pat Simon, Vice President of Marketing at Quality Paint Products, Inc., the fugitive colorant comes in different colors and works in either artificial or natural light. We’re applying similar technology in other markets where varnish, lacquer, sealers, other clear coats and architectural paints are used. “Imagine the ease, speed, and savings from never missing spots, over spraying, or over using valuable product”, said Pat. We see this as being the most revolutionary change in the industry since the introduction of latex paint.

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