Home Hardware beats the ceiling blues with “Ceiling Perfect”

Revolutionary patented fugitive colorant makes applying ceiling paint fast, easy, and cost effective.

Minneapolis, MN, Quality Paint Products, Inc., a researcher, developer and manufacturer of paint additives is revolutionizing the paint industry through patented technology. Quality Paint Products is pleased to announce a license agreement with Home Hardware Corporation of Burford, Ontario, to market a fugitive blue colorant in a newly developed ceiling paint called “Ceiling Perfect”.

Home Hardware’s “Ceiling Perfect” has now taken the guesswork out of painting ceilings through a unique chemical composition. A packet of blue colorant is attached to the top of the can. Just before undertaking the painting project, the do-it-yourselfer removes the packet, cuts it open and squeezes its contents into the can of paint. As the colorant is stirred in, the paint becomes blue. The blue makes it easy to apply the paint evenly, without missing any spots. Within 24 hours the light sensitive blue colorant fades away resulting in a beautiful, evenly applied finish.

Home Hardware is comprised of 1,100 hardware stores and home building centers throughout Canada, making it the largest hardware chain in the country. Home Hardware manufacturers their own paint under the “Beauti-tone” label and also is the largest paint producer in Canada. Home Hardware is recognized as a leader in the marketing of new and innovative products.

According to Pat Simon, Vice President of Marketing at Quality Paint Products, the real value in the D-I-Y market is the customers confidence in their ability to do a good job every time. “Ceiling Perfect” paint gives the painter that confidence. We see this as being the most revolutionary change in the industry since the introduction of latex paint. For more information, contact Thomas V. Hartman at Quality Paint Products at 651-255-2552,

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