Architectural Coatings

A product designed with your customer in mind. Take the difficulty out of painting your ceiling and paint like a pro. When painting white on white, it’s hard to see the area that needs painting and the area already painted. Our innovative Color Guide solves that problem by creating a temporary darker tint.

  • Easily see applied product
  • Helps deliver a uniform application
  • Identify runs, sags, and drips
  • No more missed spots!
  • Reduce fatigue while painting

Color Guide is available in One-step and Two-step versions.

Color Guide - Pre-mixed - added to the paint when manufactured.
Color Guide - Post-Add – Comes in a packet with twin pouches and is added by the consumer just prior to painting.

Both dye additives when incorporated into the paint, create a temporary darker tint. The contrasting tint allows the consumer to easily see the area that has been painted and the area still needing paint. Then within 24 hours, the darker tint disappears returning the paint to its original color.

How They Work

"Color Guide " (Pre-mixed) A dissipating purple colorant added to ceiling paint when manufactured. The additive turns the paint purple, making it easy to apply an even coating without missing any spots. The colorant generally dissipates within 60 minutes. This product may require some changes to the manufacturer’s paint formulation to optimize the dissipation rate. The additive will not affect the paint’s performance and amounts to less than 1 percent of the paint.

"Color Guide" (Post-Add) The consumer buys the paint and purchases the Color Guide Packet separately. The consumer simply mixes the additive into the paint just prior to painting. The additive turns the paint a pale blue and dissipates within a few hours after application. Like the (Pre-mix) Additive, it also makes it easy to apply an even coating without missing any spots.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

Add Color Guide to your paint

Apply to ceiling

Dries to pure white

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